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If you're looking for in-depth, personalized support, I'd love to work with you individually. I will take a personalized approach to help you clear negative beliefs & emotional blocks, so that we can create new possibilities within your life.

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If you've been feeling like...

  • Your life has been lacking balance - you know that you're off kilter, but you don't know how to change it.
  • You're on the cusp of transformation, but you're unsure what this leads to or how to fully embrace it.
  • You've put your own goals and dreams on the back burner for far too long. 
  • Your career is at a standstill because you aren't fulfilled in your work but you have no idea what else you could be doing.
  • Your relationships are strained - you've lost the magic of your closest relationships to the stress of daily life.


Let's work together to recenter your life.

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Hi, I'm Lisa Lovelight 

RN, B.Msc

I've been blessed to work with women (who are just like you) for years. You know that the life that you've been dreaming of is possible, but you're not quite sure how to get there. You may have some trauma that needs to be released and some blockages that need to be cleared before you can fully step into the life that you know is meant for you. This is exactly what I help my clients do - heal from their past so that they can move forward to create everything it is that they dream of. I can't wait to help you do the same.


1:1 Quantum Coaching Details

 What we'll cover:

Our spacious, 90 minute sessions are 100% tailored to you.  We will create a custom experience to ensure you get the most out of our time together. Here are some things that I've covered in the past with clients during our sessions:

  • Clearing negative beliefs
  • Clearing emotional blocks
  • Creating room for new possibilities
  • Regulating your nervous system
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Healing from past trauma
  • Creating legacy
  • Quantum womb healing
  • And more. 

Investment (member/non-member):

  • Single session $159 / 199
  • 3 sessions package $439/ $497
  • 8 session package $1129/  $1297
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"Lisa is a gem. Her heart is purely in helping others heal from unintentional physical & emotional programming & belief systems. She creates a safe and intentional space for optimal growth & letting go of the pain that inhibits a truly healthy connected life."