Trauma Release & Quantum Creation

for the spiritually inclined woman.


Heal your trauma and manifest your dream life.

Awaken Your Inner Creatress

 Beautiful soul, you deserve fulfillment, connection, and a life that is aligned with your spirit.

The unending demands of work. The expectation to spread ourselves thin. The lack of connection in our daily lives. 

If you're struggling to keep up in our modern world, I want you to know that you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with you. Your inner-being knows that you were meant to live life differently. Flourishing in community, taking care of ourselves and each other, listening to the divine timing of nature and the moon cycles.  

Imagine a life where you...


  • Trust yourself deeply and fully
  • Can manifest anything that your heart desires because you've healed from the trauma that's been keeping you stagnant
  • Break generational cycles and create new, healed patterns for yourself & your children
  • Feel grounded and connected within an aligned community
  • Fully understand your purpose and have a clear plan to confidently step into it
  • Have a toolbox to reprogram your life


 Now let it sink in that this is all possible for you. 


Yes, you. 



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Hi there, I’m Lisa Lovelight 


I work with heart centered, spiritually inclined women who live with a history of unhealed trauma, to help them heal and transform their lives. 


Through our work together, you will connect with your inner guidance, intuition, and all of the new possibilities that await you. This is a powerful healing process that will change your life in beautiful & meaningful ways.


You can envision our container as a cocoon - a safe, nurturing environment that will allow you to re-emerge as the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself: The Creatress.


awaken your inner creatress

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