The woman who consciously creates and consciously heals.

Unveiling a revolutionary path to heal from trauma, reconnect with your authentic self, and step into future potentials.

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Beautiful soul, picture this:


  • You wake up at a time that is optimal for you and your body.
  • You engage in healing morning practices that awaken your body and spirit. 
  • You experience frequent moments of deep "YES", knowing that you are truly aligned with your purpose.
  • You watch generational patterns break as you create a healthy and nurturing environment for your children.
  • You have an afternoon call with a group of like-minded women that leaves you deeply grounded and grateful for community.
  • You end the day feeling powerful, free, and dripping in gratitude for the beautiful life you've forged for yourself.
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Join Creatress: A Quantum Coaching membership where women come to thrive & step into future potentials through trauma healing & self concept work.  

A unique container created specifically for you. An expertly curated blend of group coaching which includes live monthly Activation Healing sessions, Integration Coaching calls, New Moon Ceremonies and self-paced modules designed for you to:

Heal Past Trauma

Trauma Release

Ancestral Healing

Nervous System Regulation

Manifest Your Dream Life

Quantum Creation

Clarify Intentions

Create space for your dream life

Spiritually Align

New Moon Ceremonies

Activate Your Intuition

Soul Aligned Community

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Hi, I'm Lisa Lovelight 

RN, B.Msc

I developed Creatress after years of working with women and noticing common themes: Women thrive in community, yet we lack in this area. Women thrive when we listen to our intuition, yet we struggle to do this in our modern world. Women thrive when we heal, yet most of us don't feel like we have a safe, sacred space to do so.


Creatress is the solution, and I can't wait to welcome you inside.

When you join Creatress, you gain access to: 


  •  Live monthly group Activation Healing Sessions to help you heal from feelings of self-doubt, money wounds, limiting beliefs, stagnant emotions, etc., and embody the emotional frequency of what you desire. Each month is a new, potent theme. ✨
  • Live monthly Integration Calls where you can receive hot seat coaching, receive support from peers, share your progress & support others as well. 🌕
  • Live seasonal New Moon ceremonies where you will set intentions and plant powerful seeds for the season ahead. Great time to re-assess & re-align. 🌙
  • BONUS: The Sacred Self Immersion - A self-paced course in Self Mastery valued at $297 - Free with membership.💫


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"Lisa created such a beautiful, sacred container to allow for such an accelerated, expansive experience. It seriously felt like huge quantum shifts on the daily. She also gave us permission to own our personal creative power."